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Thank God It's Friday  - Hula Hoop Comedy - with Amelia

It's Friday night and after a week in the office, Maple Staplegun is ready to show the world that she is no ordinary secretary.  Armed with hula hoops and a quirky attitude she is excited to show the world that within each secretary is a wanna be cabaret performer just waiting to get out!


Incredible hula hoop manipulation mixed with clown and physical comedy will leave the audience  surprised and laughing at the same time, as the artist seeks to connect with the audience and invites their participation, allowing everyone to be part of the show.


Thank God It's Friday has been performed all over the world includingThe Famous Speigletent - Edinburgh, El Cabaret - Barcelona and The International Female Clown Festival, Circ Cric - Spain.

Cocktail Anyone? - Ring and Glass Juggling Act - with Kiki


A highly skilled ring and glass juggling routine inspired by the classic gentleman juggler style.

Audiences often think is a magic trick, but it's not! There is no magic, no magnets, no cables - just a highly skilled juggler presenting a flawless and elegant routine. 

Kiki personalises this routine with physical comedy and his open nature to the audience.  The act is perfect for events that have a bar or where drinks are served to the public.

This video is taken from the Gran Gala of Sinergia Hula Hoop Convention in Barcelona, where Kiki was the MC/Presenter.

Suspended Glass  - Contact Ball Juggling Routine - with Kiki

Kiki Vita mixes physical comedy and character with highly skilled contact juggling in this act.  A beautiful routine that sees the artist manipulating one to eight  balls at once, using his hands and body to create a magical floating effect. 


A funky soundtrack brings this act to life and has the surprise of a table prop being used as part of the juggling routine - with the balls passing along its perimeter.

Las Cossas Nostra  - Physical Comedy with Hoops and contact Juggling - with Kiki & Amelia

Wannabe gangsters and Italian fashion victims Mia Mine and Mr Vita invite you to enter their bizarre and absurd they welcome you to 'la family'.


A world filled with hairspray, fake gold and snake skin, the show appeals to audiences of all ages, as this odd couple overcome disaster with small and satisfying triumphs. 


Mixing physical comedy and clown with theatre and traditonal circus elements this dynamic duo burrow through a hilarous and high energy act with a classic soundtrack.


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