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Breaking Broken Dreams

Maple Staplegun



Maple Staplegun has escaped from the office and onto the streets ready to prove to the world that she is no ordinary secretary and that not all is as what it seems.

A loveable and absurd character Maple wins the hearts of audiences with her unique style of comic banter, physical comedy and her dedication to love. Connecting with the audience through comic mishaps, skilled triumphs and honest, up to date, humour, Maple presents her version of a classic street show.

A highly interactive show, Maple expertly seeks a direct connection with the audience and volunteers in a gentle and subtle manner that allows her to create unexpected and spontaneous situations.  Improvisation, innovative hula hoops and a great soundtrack allow for a dynamic show, as Maple seamlessly brings everything together.

The show culminates with Maple defeating all odds to perform a highly skilled and dangerous grand finale with the help of volunteers, celebrating a victory of trust and team work.

Maple has performed in over 25 countries, giving her the experience and ability to adapt and customise the show to different audiences and transform any space into a stage.

Maple has featured in major street theatre festivals such as Winchester Hat Fair, Christchurch Buskers and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Maple has also been included in corporate events and contracts such as Dubai Mall Festival, Formula 1 and Penang Christmas Festival.




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