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Mr Vita - Gentleman Juggler



Mr Vita performs finely crafted juggling routines, mixing classical and experimental juggling. Bringing to life everyday objects such as fishing poles, drinking glasses and kebab sticks alongside invented props and gymnastic balls, in routines that guarantee to surprise and entertain all age groups.

Dressed like a punkish matador, this eccentric and playful character looks like he could have walked straight out of a cartoon and onto the stage. Rather, he invites the audience into his zany cartoonworld, communicating with his expressive rubber skin, physical comedy and sounds.

Mr Vita has his own unique style of audience participation and invites them to be highly interactive throughout the show as he expertly mixes together circus, clowning and gags. The show culminates with a traditional style grand finale that sees Mr Vita balanced high above the ground on a rola bola while juggling and spinning a frisbee on his head.

The show can be adapted to all situations; stage, street, cabaret or corporate, from 5 to 50 minutes.

‘Spectacular fun... a delightful blend of cheekiness with a pinch of naughtiness that appeals right across the spectrum of ages’ ★★★★ (TheWeeReview)

‘Generous and warm-hearted clowning... A consummate professional and charismatic
’ (The Circus Diaries).

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